ECOR is a sustainable material alternative for use in interior design & construction

Combining inspirational finishes with superior performance and functionality, ECOR architectural panel products have become the reference point for design flexibility, performance, system integration, and ease of installation. ECOR panels are being used by leading architecture firms and manufacturers and of award-winning, sustainable building materials for the Architecture + Design industry. Both the simple and structural ECOR panels are available for purchase, alongside our our Alchemy product line of metallic painted panels.

ECOR stress-skin panels provide the best solution for environmental sustainability and air quality in a cabinet interior, furniture or fixture. These panels incorporate aerospace design and engineering principles, resulting in panels that can be several times stronger and much lighter than alternative materials - including plywood and plasterboard. As a material that is free of toxins and VOC's, it exceeds all air quality and emission standards set for the cabinetry industry. ECOR pairs beautifully with any surface or veneer, and will result in a great looking product that is durable, easy to maintain, and healthy for you and your environment.