San Diego, California — November 13, 2019 — NOBLE Environmental Technologies, a leading provider of circular economy solutions for global enterprises, and the manufacturer of the ECOR brand of sustainable materials, announced today that its Board of Directors has named Ken Hollen as its new President. Robert Noble, Chairman and Founder of NOBLE, commented, “After

Concourse, the store designer and concession builder focused purely on duty free and travel retail, has formalised an alliance that will see the company introduce sustainable materials in the design and implementation of brand activations and store builds. Last week, during Dutch Design Week 2019, Concourse officially partnered with ECOR and DSM-Niaga. At the TFWA

When you walk into the circular office of Chrysalix it appears to be a nice and normal office. But that is far from the truth. Nothing is what is seems. All the furniture is 100% circular, made from waste fibres and healthy materials. The healthy office space to work and feel at home At Chrysalix

Last week, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the UN Environment Programme published the first annual New Plastics Economy Global Commitment progress report at the Our Ocean Conference in Oslo. The report provides an unprecedented level of transparency on how almost 200 businesses and governments are reshaping the plastics system. These current signatories represent 20% of

As Dutch Design Week 2019 is in full swing (October 19-27, 2019), we are pleased to announce several exciting new partnerships. Together with DSM-Niaga we have proven durable, high performance laminated panels can be made without toxic ingredients and all materials can be recovered and reused, again and again. We also found a group of

The Future of Waste-based Materials, and Design for Disassembly with ECOR By Purva Chawla (click here to read the original) What sets ECOR apart from traditional materials like wood, MDF, and particleboard? ECOR has begun disrupting the commodity material market for traditional building materials, by not only being lower cost but also providing greater strength,

ECOR part of Embassy of Sustainable Design during Dutch Design Week Circular economy requires cooperation and sharing of knowledge Together we can create an impact on the road to a circular economy and a more sustainable way of life: business, designers, knowledge institutions, government and also consumers. But that is only possible in an atmosphere

Meet Ricardo Weigend, our Circular Economy Business Developer for the UK, and former Circular Economy leader at Heineken Mexico, who introduced the organization to The Circular Economy. Business Because, the first ‘niche network’ connecting more than 40,000 members from business, employers, students, business schools applicants and business schools around the world, recently interviewed Ricardo.  Business

First Japan – The Netherlands collaboration on Circular Furniture is a fact On the occasion of the G20 meetings in Japan and in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the 2025 World Expo in Osaka: the first prototypes of circular furniture were presented to representatives of Japan’s and The Netherlands government. [TOKYO, JPN] –

The burning of paddy straw on rice fields causes serious environmental and public health hazards throughout India. This, yet it is the quickest and cheapest way to prepare the land for the new season. However, the currently burnt paddy straw has huge potential. Dutch technology providers, such as Paperwise, Bio4Pack and ECOR turn the material