Pistor, the Swiss bakery and catering company had decided to use recyclable and pollutant-free materials for their exhibition stand at the Swiss Trade Fair for Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionery Requirements (FBK) in 2016, as well as for several other events. Their choice of stand builder fell on Expomobilia. Expomobilia endeavors to create highly reusable, environmentally

#GREENGRIDZ – TRIBOO launches circular furniture panels using ECOR #GREENGRIDZ is the product of Triboo’s circular economy ambition to create healthy, sustainable work environments. #GREENGRIDZ is made by laser cutting and shaping FlatCOR panels into a GRID formation. This framework becomes the core for a strong structural panel. Which is made into a high-quality, healthy

In collaboration with Tiger Beer’s (Heineken Asia Pacific), ECOR co-created a premium product & brand experience at the first-in-the-world Tiger’s Den in the new Jewel Building on Changi Airport Singapore, which opened on the 17th of April 2019. As one of Asia’s most well known brands involved in sustainability, Tiger Beer is continuously improving its

Located in the middle of the Randstad and overlooking Schiphol, office building ‘Pharos’ does not offer square meters of floor space, but cubic meters of healthy working space Constructed in 2003, the building consists of a total of 22,000 m2 divided over 19 storeys of high-rise and 6 floors of low-rise, Pharos is an office building that is being

A sustainable solution for thousands of kilos of coffee grounds & used coffee cups. What to do with 5,000 tons of used paper cups and 4 tons of coffee grounds? Breedweer Facility Services did not want to discard this ‘black gold’ as collected from its customers throughout the year. Joining forces with ECOR, who develop