Small Batch Circularity: Converting Your Waste into ECOR Materials & Products

We offer a "small batch" service to large enterprises and manufacturers who have desire to engage in the circular economy by recouping value from their waste stream. Our team will work with yours to develop and prototype an ECOR-based solution to convert your fiber waste streams into a range of closed-loop ECOR panels and products that embrace cradle-to-cradle design principles.


Waste Resource Analysis

This process starts with analyizing your available waste stream resources and fiber types, collected from general operations, manufacturing, logistics, agricultural and otherwise. To date, this small batch service has resulted in a range of panels created from waste including: coffee grounds, spent beer hops, denim lint, synthetic leather used to make shoes, textiles, coconut husks, lavender, old books, tetrapak and even baseball bats.

Lab Created Closed Loop Panels & Fiber Alloy™ Technology Products

Samples of key waste stream types are then sent to the lab to be created into an array of different panel types, with different combinations of unique waste, paired with a portion of white office paper and/or cardboard, which will result in panels of differing strengths, weight, density and flexibility. Depending on the desired application of these custom closed-loop panels, the final production of panels will be run based on the ideal mix to create the most ideal ECOR panel.

Product Development & Assessment

This ECOR is then fabricated into materials or products best suited for either short-term material needs or to test viability for long-term and regular product development needs. We'll work with your design team to best understand your needs and share our material know how, to produce ECOR-based solutions with these new closed-loop ECOR panels. Our customers have used these panels to make retail graphics, trade show displays, book shelves, office furniture, cubicles, decorative walls, hangers and coasters. While each enterprise will have different needs and applications for where they'd envision integrating ECOR into their supply chain - converting your waste into ECOR panels for your needs is a tride and true solution for reducing costs, recouping value and engaging in the circular economy

Commercial Closed Loop ECOR Panels

Having analyzed the waste stream opportunity, ideal fiber alloy combinations and ECOR panels and performance for the desired application, we expect you'll want to take the next step to engage in a commercial-grade solution to close the loop with ECOR panels. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the best ECOR solution for your needs.