ECOR Fiber Alloy™ Technology provides commercially viable, turnkey, closed-loop enterprise solutions for commercial and government entities. The circular economic solution of converting ubiquitous waste fiber into high value materials and limitless recyclable bio-based products can generate sizable economic and socially accretive returns.  Walmart, by example, sells cardboard for $100/ton and buys substrates for graphics/signs at $8,000/ton.

ECOR represents the future of sustainability and green building. The integration of cradle-to-cradle and broader environmental design standards for buildings and products are being championed by leading manufacturers, organized under the banner of the CE-100, who are learning that these principles facilitate less expensive and/or more profitable results.

Our efforts in Closed Loop Economics

ECOR joins Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy 100 Org.

Alongside Google, Unilever, Apple, Kingfisher, IKEA and many other global enterprises, to further enable these leading brands to integrate ECOR into their supply chain and products.


Staying Cradle-to-Cradle Certified

ECOR renewed its Cradle-to-Cradle certification, a key indicator of a material immediately suitable for inclusion in Circular Economic entities.


U.S. and European recognition and funding

ECOR works with various domestic and European entities to secure funding and favorable treatment and consideration for ECOR as an ideal material for encouraging and enabling circular economics.

Full-Cycle usage: From Waste Fiber to ECOR products

ECOR is currently working on three (3) circular economic deals in which NOBLE will purchase waste fiber from a partner, convert that fiber into ECOR, convert ECOR into products the partner will then buy from ECOR, thereby completing the closed loop that is circular economics.