Big, real, world-beneficial changes are difficult to achieve. As humans on Earth our lives are dominated by the way we live – by the things we consume to live, and the means by which we consume them. This model has remained largely unchanged since the dawn of consumer economies. And we are killing ourselves and the planet one “good market decision” at a time – consuming finite, virgin resources and consuming these resources single-use.


Rapid innovation, expansion, and improvements in comfort and way-of-life, but with vast negative impacts.

This consumption has, and continues at an alarming rate to drain global resources, resulting in inefficient resource utilization and the creation of vast amounts of waste.

We need to change the way products are conceived, designed, engineered, created, used and recycled for first, second, third and future uses.

What if...

we could fundamentally change this? If we could use what nature gave us and extend the life of the things we have already consumed – giving “waste” a whole new life equal to the initial purpose and use of the material - or more?

What if...

most of the things we use and throw away every day could be intelligently designed, built and returned to productive use multiple times – maybe even perpetually?

What if...

someone had the expertise and product capability that fundamentally change this dynamic between what resources we use and RE-use.

What if...

this process could reclaim almost 100% of the waste we have already generated globally and eliminate “one-time use” consumption for all time?


Healthier, more efficient

Ecor's material technology enables companies to create building materials and everyday products that have lower carbon footprints, are regenerative, recyclable, and compostable.

Sustainable, non-toxic and clean

ECOR resulted in a sustainable circular pattern of waste material utilization, manufacturing conversion, and thousands of high performance, environmentally superior, non-toxic, cradle-to-cradle compliant, clean and healthy products and systems.

Core Composite Material Technology

ECOR is a core composite material technology that enables this new movement in sustainable, full cycle material usage across the globe.

We are Noble World – a like-minded, multi-disciplinary, passionate and motivated team mobilized by this global challenge, our existing proven solution, and our promise to solve it worldwide.

We are changing the way humans consume, and companies use materials, build products to meet their needs, and return waste from that consumption back to even more productive use the first, second, third and future times around. Our products create perpetual reuse of raw materials – eliminating waste and producing products that are better in subsequent uses.

ECOR is powering a new era of commercial value and product performance through the design and development of natural materials and products that extend the lifecycle of consumable raw materials.

Our Purpose is to create processes and products, disseminate knowledge and help others plan, design and produce products with our ECOR platform as the core solution to one-time use of virgin resources.

We combine the best of research, technology, design, and elegant product manufacturing. We are a service and product provider AND thought leader in making resources perform perpetually. And we are the builder of new materials and markets for them, and the proud producer of products powered by ECOR that deliver the solution to this challenge.


Noble fulfills this dream of everlasting raw, natural materials through ECOR products, and Noble-powered thinking and design solutions based on The Noble Circle.

This continuously solves one of world’s most challenging environmental problems, and waste is no longer a problem or cost – now waste is an asset - a whole new kind of asset – a resource, we and our partners transform into valuable products with built-in social, economic and environmental benefits that are worthy of higher margins

What you design and market can have a whole new purpose - changing the whole approach to your business, customers and marketplace with the Noble ECOR platform.

Together we can build things using non-virgin materials and waste, for better function this time, and for permanent and lasting re-entry back into the economy.