Case Study

Global Flooring Manufacturer Case Study

Size: 1219mm x 3048mm x3/4,5mm

Surface Characteristics:

Global Flooring Manufacturer, one of the world’s largest floor manufacturers with revenue of $3.2bn, has been working on the material health, recyclability and reuse of its products formally since 2009. Their goal is to have 30% of its total material needs come from recycled content without loss of performance.​


Global Flooring Manufacturer partnered with ECOR to find a solution to use their waste stream for the creation of new products. After two-years of exhaustive testing and evaluations, the team developed solutions to achieve their recyclability goals.​


ECOR successfully completed Stage 1 in identifying a scalable solution to replace the plywood in the middle layer of their Parquet Construction. Stage 2 and 3 will be substituting soft wood strips and the bottom veneer layers (coming soon)!​