20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox has been committed to minimizing its environmental impact, growing sustainably and inspiring others to take action. At the forefront of these efforts is a goal to minimize solid waste to landfill from production operations, as well as reduce the use of tropical hardwoods that are regularly used in set construction throughout the film industry. In an effort to begin transitioning away from those practices, they decided to create a 100% sustainable set for the popular television series, Raising Hope.

Series Art Director, John Zachary, led this effort and chose to partner with Noble Environmental Technologies to design and build a 100% recycled and recyclable set using ECOR, which he found to be the most sustainable and cost efficient alternative to the forest products traditionally used in Hollywood.

Within a week of receiving drawings from John, the team at Noble Environmental Technologies was able to build and deliver the complete set to their Studios in Los Angeles. ECOR panels were used to create a modern hotel suite set for the show, complete with walls, ceiling soffits, bedroom furniture and fixtures. Also incorporated in the design were sustainable bamboo veneers, environmentally friendly paint, wallpaper, glue and carpet to complete the 100% sustainable set which was able to be then  completely recycled at the end of its use.


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