Fred Lamp

Studio Kees Marcelis, a Dutch interior design studio, collaborated with Noble to develop a lamp made from ECOR – “The Fred Lamp”.:

“As designers and craftsmen, we are always looking for ways to improve our designs and products. A big part of this is to make our products as sustainable and responsible as possible. When we first started making lamps we chose to use Plywood using a CNC-mill. We discovered pretty quickly that this was not the best way to go… SO MUCH SANDING ! So we made the transition towards MDF and laser cutting. This was much easier and proved to be much more efficient. The reduced production time meant we were now able to sell our lamps at very fair prices.

“We were doing well in the Netherlands and starting to sell well in the German and British markets; but something was gnawing at us. It just didn’t feel quite right. Although MDF is quite sustainable in its own right there are still some drawbacks because of the adhesives involved and also due to the use of new wood. One day we stumbled across this really new “super” material called ECOR®. ECOR is a completely sustainable “cradle-to-cradle” sheet material made by compressing cellulose fibres (wood, paper, grasses, etc.) together under pressure whilst adding heat to form a super strong board. No formaldehyde, chemicals, petroleum or toxic additives whatsoever are used during the production process (we realize we’ve mentioned this before but we think it’s so cool we wanted to tell you twice). ECORsheets are perfect for use on a laser-cutter and we immediately recognized the potential of this new product and knew it was exactly what we needed to make our lampshades more sustainable. That was the turning point, from then on we decided that it was time for a complete overhaul of our design. And so, FRED was born.”