Lucky Buddha Beer

In early 2014, Walmart Stores’ new president and CEO, Doug McMillon, invited top executives from major business partners and challenged them to collaborate with the retailer’s supply chain representatives to develop more sustainable business practices and products.

Many major commitments were made by manufacturers including Campbell Soup, Cargill, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson Group Consumer Family Companies (North America), Kellogg, Monsanto, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Unilever North America, among those commitments were goals to advance standards for more environmentally conscious and sustainable in-store marketing materials and point of purchase displays.

Sage Beverages, importer and distributor of Lucky Buddha Beer, collaborated with Noble Environmental Technologies, to create sustainable end-cap displays to  made from ECOR, to participate in this sustainable call to action, which resulted in the placement of these unique point-of-purchase displays in all 3,000+Walmart’s stores.

Traditional displays in the retail environment are made from cardboard, fray quickly require replacement often, while Sage Beverages determined that POP displays made from ECOR could last for over a year without breaking down or fraying; an ongoing challenge for most traditional display materials.

Walmart has done a stellar job in establishing and achieving sustainability goals, reducing their environmental impact and increasing recycling practices. By integrating ECOR into the supply chain for displays by partners like Lucky Buddah Beer, there is a real opportunity to further reduce material use, logistic costs and carbon footprint, while also increasing throughput. Furthermore, ECOR enables efforts to close-the-loop for waste, and is designed to be converted into ECOR and other recycled materials at the end of it’s lifecycle.”


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