Sambazon POP Displays

Sambazon is the largest producer of organic açaí and the fifth largest premium juice brand in the United States. The Company operates as a triple bottom line business (whereby success is measured economically, socially and environmentally), and has worked closely with local and international NGOs, including The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Peabiru Institute, Amapa and Para State Federal Universities and more, to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, ensure that açaí berries are sustainably harvested, and that farmers are paid fair wages.

Sambazon also founded the Sustainable Amazon Partnership (SAP) “to promote lasting sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon, while improving the conditions of indigenous people through creative marketing of the açaí fruit,” and works to encourage environmental stewardship, stimulate bio-diverse agro-forestry systems, and provide alternatives to logging, cattle, soy, and monoculture plantations through the project.

Guided by the principle of the ‘triple bottom line’, Sambozon sought to increased the sustainability of their supply chains and found ECOR to be an ideal material for use in their retail point of sale displays. The first campaign ECOR was used for was the national launch of their new canned energy drink, Amazon Energy, which features a refreshingly epic taste., powerful antioxidants from acai berry and acerola cherry.

The ECOR design team worked alongside the internal marketing team at Sambozon to create a beautiful display that met both their design and performance needs, while withstanding the rigorous environment of a retail store.