ECOR is an Advanced Environmental Composite Panel formed from the conversion of abundant cellulose fiber, pressure, and heat.  Ecor is produced in 4’ x 10’ sheet in various thicknesses.  Fibers are sourced from Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), Old News Print (ONP), office waste, forest waste, agricultural fiber, and even bovine process fiber.  ECOR enables waste materials, ordinarily burned or landfilled, to be converted into a strong and exceptionally versatile structural composite panel from which thousands of high performance, environmentally superior, non-toxic, clean and healthy products for a myriad of applications and markets can be fabricated.  ECOR was developed using principles of waste stream reduction and diversion with the goal of solving one of the world’s most challenging environmental problems - waste disposal and diversion.  ECOR is made from waste fiber, water, and heat.  That’s it.  It is 100% bio-based, 100% comprised of recycled waste materials, 100% recyclable, and is cradle-to-cradle compliant.

Today, ECOR is available in a wide range of configurations from single and multi-ply panels to an extremely versatile range of three-dimensional assemblies.  ECOR is also available in a variety of colors and with several treatments to enhance fire, acoustic, and moisture performance.  ECOR has been used across a broad spectrum of industries and applications by some of the largest and most well-know global brands.

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