When you walk into the circular office of Chrysalix it appears to be a nice and normal office. But that is far from the truth. Nothing is what is seems. All the furniture is 100% circular, made from waste fibres and healthy materials. The healthy office space to work and feel at home At Chrysalix

#GREENGRIDZ – TRIBOO launches circular furniture panels using ECOR #GREENGRIDZ is the product of Triboo’s circular economy ambition to create healthy, sustainable work environments. #GREENGRIDZ is made by laser cutting and shaping FlatCOR panels into a GRID formation. This framework becomes the core for a strong structural panel. Which is made into a high-quality, healthy

First Japan – The Netherlands collaboration on Circular Furniture is a fact On the occasion of the G20 meetings in Japan and in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the 2025 World Expo in Osaka: the first prototypes of circular furniture were presented to representatives of Japan’s and The Netherlands government. [TOKYO, JPN] –