Avery Dennison expands ECOR collaboration

Fortune 500 materials science company Avery Dennison has expanded their collaboration with ECOR Global. Recognizing the need to find a solution for label release liners, AD launched a new recycling initiative in eight EU markets and the United Kingdom. The new web-based program, “AD Circular” also covers the Netherlands. This is fitting since that’s where Avery Dennison established their first overseas subsidiary and where extensive testing determined that label byproducts made excellent ECOR panels. The label liners are now given a second life. By upcycling AD’s byproducts into new durable products, an important piece of the circular economy puzzle has been solved.  

Big things can come from modest starts. ECOR Global and Avery Dennison have now collaborated on several projects including a complete trade show booth featuring ECOR panels made from AD’s manufacturing byproducts. ECOR is now a key part of AD’s new recycling program.  AD Circular’s initiative provides a valuable source of cellulose feedstock that ECOR has committed to using.  In the article below, AD showcases ECOR as a commercially viable and scalable product made from AD’s label release liners. Our expanding collaboration will support the growth of AD Circular’s recycling program by creating new products and markets for the circular economy.

Read more about AD Circular’s collaboration with ECOR below.