Making a material difference for people and the planet

The “E” in ESG starts with ECOR

ECOR supports direct empowerment to tackle the world’s biggest environmental and social challenges.

No other commercially available technology can offer a more impactful and scalable carbon reduction solution. Our ultimate goal is to be the catalyst for change with real solutions, in a world running out of time.

A big part of our mission is about people. ECOR’s decentralized production model can provide positive impact the environment and economy of the communities where our facilities are located. In addition, meeting specific ESG performance objectives is part of every ECOR Global employee’s incentive plan.

Our commitment to sustainability starts with our core products.

ECOR’s products are designed with the end of their useful life as top priority.

ECOR-1 has 20-year useful life, with recycling and residual value built in.

Reliable, sustainable, cost competitive supply chain solutions are the key to gaining the competitive edge in the new era of the Circular Economy.

If you are an architect, fabricator or maker, we invite you to join us on our journey to Net Zero and the Circular Economy using our unique products and solutions.