Case Study

Global Brewer


Global Brewer is focused on becoming the most sustainable brewer in the world by increasing their use of recycled materials, reducing waste and engaging the circular economy. They have a staggering amount of material needs for packaging pads, boxes, signs and displays that require a sustainable solution.​​


Global Brewer partnered with ECORⓇ to develop a range of fiber-alloys and product applications to convert their waste into a material supply chain for print, packaging, retail display, signs and promotional products. Business case studies forecast that each on-site ECOR facility can reduce material costs by potentially millions of dollars per year (before factoring in environmental impact and cost savings).


The Global Brewer Company is using their Spent Brewers Grain ECOR Panels as part of their Global Brewer Greener Bar concept at the London ePrix. The fibers of the grains and hops that are used for brewing beer can be repurposed after the brewing process.​