Applications limited only by imagination

ECOR products meet the precise specifications of the wood products they replace.


(ECOR-Ply WR) In production now - one of the most difficult specifications to achieve - approved and adopted by large flooring manufacturer.


(ECOR-1 & ECOR-Ply) From tabletops to chairs and office partitions, ECOR replaces the materials inside many types of furniture as a sustainable alternative.

Retail Environments

(ECOR-1 & ECOR-PLY, Coated Clear & Coated White) High- profile showcase for sustainability, incorporating ECOR into a store can provide direct engagement about sustainability and circular economy practices.

Trade Show Booths

(ECOR-1 & ECOR-PLY, Coated Clear & Coated White) Reusable and recyclable trade show booth elements engage B to B customers with a new perspective on sustainable displays.

Point of Purchase

(ECOR-1, Coated Clear & Coated White) Inject sustainability instantly into a supply chain with reusable, recyclable, and highly visible displays.


(ECOR-1) Replacing plastic and one-time use products, ECOR’s fully recyclable and reusable “tear sheets” provide protection between pallets and boxes of bottles and fragile cargo.