High-Performance Flat Panels

ECOR FiberAlloyTM Technology

Sustainable - Reliable - ESG Strong
Limitless Applications

What We Do

Natural Innovation

ECOR Technology rescues and up-cycles cellulose waste fibers into new durable products. ECOR high-performance panels replace Plywood, MDF and Particle Board. Now available in commercial volumes in 4′ x 8′ sheets and standard thicknesses. Feedstock once considered waste is sourced locally from manufacturing and agricultural byproducts. Unlike traditional wood-based composites, ECOR contains no toxins and is fully recyclable.

How We Do It

Diverted Fiber



Recycled H2O

Diverted Fiber



Recycled H2O

nature's composite

Our Proprietary Natural Technology Process

Precise amounts of heat, pressure and recycled water create a controlled chemical reaction to forge FiberAlloyTM panels used for all ECOR products. ECOR products are born out of the clean, non-recycled resources unused in every waste stream. Using only recycled water, heat and pressure, ECOR is Nature’s Composite.

Locally sourced raw materials are pulped into usable fibers, dispersed in water,
dewatered to create a slurry, then passed between two metal plates in a hot press.
A rough fiber mat is created that ultimately becomes a finished ECOR-1 panel.

Independent analysis has confirmed that the natural chemical reactions that occur
during the ECOR process result in higher performing, better quality products
compared to wood, and wood composites (particle board, MDF and plywood).

How We Scale It

ECOR Serbia

Since 2016, ECOR’s 65,000 sf. production facility has served as a commercial-scale pilot
plant providing low cost production and convenient access to customers in Eastern
Europe and the EU.

ECOR’s first commercial facility validated our technology process and consistently
produced thousands of ECOR panels at a commercial scale for the past four years.
Production capacity will expand to 40,000 panels per month by mid-2022 and 80,000
panels per month in early 2023.

ECOR Netherlands

ECOR’s European headquarters is located in Venlo, the Netherlands.

The 45,000 sf. facility includes our existing R&D Collaboration Centre and houses our newest production line with capacity to ship 40,000 panels monthly to existing customers within the EU and UK.

Our modular production system, the ECOR Living Factory (ELF) minimizes risk and facilitates fast growth. Our existing facilities are designed for additional production lines to expand capacity for customer demand.

Why We Do It

ECOR will donate a percentage of our production to local affordable housing projects.

We embrace our mission to make a material difference for people and the planet. It starts with treating waste as a valuable resource, not an expensive liability. Imagine a future where our best CO2 capture technology – trees – will never be harvested for single use products. Local production means positive local environmental and economic impacts including jobs, waste diversion, and a jump-start to the circular economy.

On the Journey to Net Zero

Net Zero

Carbon Negative


Schiphol has one thousand hectares of grassland around its runways and is regularly cut for safety reasons to make it unattractive to birds. Rather than letting the grass go to waste the goal was to find a way to convert it into a raw material..

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