We convert agricultural and urban waste into
sustainable building materials

The world’s first commercially
viable eco panel

ECOR FiberAlloy Technology



ESG Strong

Unlimited Applications

Technology meets nature with ECOR’s innovative conversion process.

Nature Forward Innovation

ECOR Technology rescues and up-cycles cellulose waste fibers into new durable products. 

ECOR high-performance panels replace Plywood, MDF and Particle Board. Now available in commercial volumes in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ sheets and standard thicknesses.  Unlike traditional wood- based composites, ECOR contains no toxins and is fully recyclable.

ECOR’s conversion process adds no urea formaldehyde

Diverted Fiber



Recycled H20

Precise amounts of heat, pressure and recycled water create a controlled chemical reaction to forge ECOR’s FiberAlloy™ panels.  ECOR is Nature’s Composite.

Independent analysis has confirmed that ECOR Technology is sound and commercially scalable.  ECOR products meet or exceed all industry specifications for the wood composites they replace including HDF, MDF and Plywood.

ECOR facilities are right-sized to
maximize local impacts

ECOR Netherlands

Located in Venlo, the Netherlands, ECOR’s 45,000 s.f. R&D Collaboration Centre has provided a platform to test and prove out ECOR’s proprietary conversion technology.  By developing literally hundreds fiber recipes, ECOR has come up with the optimal blend for full commercialization.  Many of these blends have incorporated waste fibers from our collaboration partners creating the potential for true closed-loop circular solutions.

The facility is now operated under a license agreement with the local Dutch operations team focussed on opportunities in The Netherlands. 

ECOR Serbia

ECOR’s first commercial-scale plant provides low cost production and convenient access to customers in Eastern Europe and the EU.

What started as a pre-commercial pilot plant, testing various raw materials and technology improvements, is now in full production. The project has expanded over time, with the most recent addition a raw material storage building, full-scale production will ultimately reach a capacity of 7,500 cubic meters of ECOR material annually.

Recent third party engineering verification has confirmed ECOR’s ability to continue to scale-up and improve margins in line with the legacy wood products we will replace.

On the journey to

Carbon Negative

Making a material difference for people and the planet

Localized production means positive local positive impacts.

Each ECOR facility will create 60-100 long-term local jobs. ECOR feedstock is sourced from local agricultural byproducts giving farmers a new source of income for material that would otherwise be expensive and CO2 intensive to dispose of.

ECOR reduces the use of wood and toxic urea formaldehyde. Clean healthy products mean a healthier planet. By upcycling urban waste streams, we provide local communities with waste solutions with our low-impact conversion technology.

We recognize that disruption of an entrenched legacy industry requires our partners to be profitable, and we are confident we have a winning formula.