ECOR Global Acquires Second Industrial Site in Serbia

We are excited to announce ECOR’s expansion into Novi, Becej, Serbia in the heart of Serbia’s agricultural region.  Our second facility will serve as the raw material pre-processing center for our production facility in Kraljevo.  The new site will allow us to cut storage and transportation costs by including more raw material in each shipment by densification of the materials.  Storage will be closer to the source of the agricultural byproducts as the location in the center of Serbia’s agricultural hub, with a growing industrial base.  This second site will allow ECOR to increase throughput and capacity to produce even more of our eco-friendly panels.  

By participating in a competitive process, ECOR was able to secure a significant discount on the land as an Economic Development incentive.  ECOR’s commitment to investing capital and creating new jobs in the region was a high priority for the local government. After ECOR was selected, two other global manufacturing firms have chosen the same region in Serbia: the Belgian bedding company Somnis has made a commitment to Novi Becej and the Hungarian electrode maker Jastreb has announced the construction of a new facility in nearby Mali Idjos.