ECOR Global Finalizes License and Distribution Agreement in The Netherlands

San Diego, CA – Venlo, The Netherlands

ECOR Global, Inc., ( manufacturer of the world’s first commercial-scale eco-panel, has entered into a license and distribution agreement with Nobel Environmental Technologies Europe B.V. (“NETE”) to use ECOR Conversion Technology in a new product line in The Netherlands. The Dutch organization was rebranded to ‘SAM’ and the related transfer of shares and full ownership transition to local Dutch Management was completed in September 2023.

ECOR Global converts agricultural by-products and post-consumer urban waste into new durable, sustainable building materials.  Unlike the traditional wood products ECOR will replace, ECOR adds no urea formaldehyde nor any toxic glues or binders. An integral part of ECOR’s business model is to build “right-sized” facilities to meet local demand. 

The license agreement allows the local team in The Netherlands to focus on local conditions and demand to fine-tune the facility.  This will allow ECOR Global to focus on the bigger picture priority of scaling production in Europe as well as rolling out our North American expansion, starting with South Texas. 

“Maximizing positive local economic and environmental impacts has always been one of ECOR’s top priorities” according to ECOR Global Chief Commercial Officer Roberto Reyes, “and this licensing agreement will fulfil this mission by providing local management and control of the new enterprise”.  ECOR Global has also entered into a distribution agreement that will allow NETE to sell and distribute ECOR’s full product line including our flagship ECOR-1 and ECOR-Ply products. The applications currently gaining traction for ECOR products in the market include Flooring, Furniture, Point of Purchase Displays, Retail Environments, and Secondary Packaging.  

ECOR Global’s business strategy includes both owning and developing facilities, as well as licensing, based on the market. Activation of this strategy in the Netherlands allows ECOR Global to participate in the upside while focusing on expanding new markets in the EU and North America with the development of new production facilities. According to Mr. Reyes, “Allowing the local management team to focus on the local and regional markets, as well as the management of local supply chains of both raw materials and end product will further our regionally-focused strategy.”  

John Smits, Managing Director: “We are grateful for this next step in the development of the Dutch organization, building SAM from Dutch soil and, The Netherlands’ support for initiatives in the circular economy gives us great confidence for the future.”

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