ECOR Global Launches Complete Re-branding

Welcome to our new ECOR Global Website! We are excited to share our new look showcasing our company mission of blending nature and technology to jumpstart the circular economy.

It starts with our new logo which includes two arrows for circularity. We also have new colors and collateral materials as we move towards broader commercial distribution of our flagship products: Ecor-1 and ECOR-Ply. We have created new Sample kits, Marketing and Sales Materials for our new distribution partners to support the full integration of ECOR into their existing lines. We are providing them with all they need to tell ECOR’s story of sustainability, circularity and supply chain reliability.

Now that we have proven that our technology is viable and scalable, we wanted our branding to grow up with us. We are well into full commercialization of our products and process, and now 100% focused on expanding production by building new facilities.

Our new brand materials reflect our belief that Circularity is the Future of Sustainability.

At both the macro and micro economic level, it is only where there is a balance of inputs and outputs that any system is sustainable. We have all the raw materials we need for the future without the environmental impacts of resources extraction or clear-cutting timber. We just need to be intentional about how we design products and processes, by focusing on the end of life instead of quick profits. That means making cleaner, longer-lasting durable products instead of cheap, toxic ones. If we look to nature and natural systems, we will learn how these longer lifecycles make so much more sense. Nature reuses everything, and is constantly re-balancing itself.

ECOR provides one of the only true closed-loop supply chain systems. In practice, Circularity is very difficult, as the return trip on the loop is hard to achieve. We have tested and prototyped hundreds of different fiber blend recipes, using our customers’ waste streams to create new durable products. It can be done, and we are on the path to bring several economically viable systems on-line. We have several new circular initiatives we hope to share in the coming months.

One involves replicating a program launched by our partner Avery Dennison (dubbed “AD Circular’) to get label release papers returned for recycling. In Serbia we are sending out ECOR trucks to retrieve these byproducts that make excellent ingredients for ECOR’s fiber blend. This return loop this the hardest part, and the only way circularity works.

Another new project involves a secondary packaging product for the bottling industry called a tier sheet (normally made from polypropylene, that prevents stacks of bottles from breaking. The bottling supply chain is one of the few industries that has this critical return infrastructure already in place. Empty pallets are returned as new full ones are delivered. We intend on getting the tier sheets back along with the pallets at the end of their useful life (about 5-6 turns), to return them as raw materials for our conversion process to create new ECOR-1 tier sheets.

We hope you enjoy the new website content. Please check back here often to see where we are on our journey.