ECOR Global Launches Hardboard Replacement

ECOR Global introduces a 5th new product line: ECOR-HB as a non-toxic replacement to Hardboard.  Hardboard is used to make a wide variety of products with applications including door skins, tabletops, cabinetry, retail displays, office and home furnishings.  Indoor air quality can be negatively affected by off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) imbedded in petro-chemical based products.  Manufacturers have come up with a variety of techniques to encapsulate toxic materials to mitigate off-gassing, but once inside, the VOCs will often continue to off-gas indefinitely into the future.  VOCs are known carcinogens and breathing them in an enclosed indoor environment presents health hazards. Mitigating and ultimately eliminating VOC off-gassing has rapidly become a top priority to protect employees in indoor work environments, and for children, the elderly and those with compromised health in residential and institutional settings.

ECOR-HB is Certified Indoor Advantage Gold for Ultra-Low VOCs means no off-gassing, enhancing indoor air quality. Rather than encapsulate toxins, ECOR uses only clean, non-toxic ingredients, with no added urea formaldehyde nor isocyanides.  It can also activate the Circular Economy with full recyclability.  Strong, durable, and good load bearing capacity with smooth finish on both sides, ECOR-HB is the sustainable alternative to traditional wood and petro-resin based hardboard.   

Available in 3mm thickness and in 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ sheets (10-foot size is perfect for door skins) with a smooth finish on both sides for coatings and lamination of decorative veneers. High-density, strong, flexible, and easy to work with, good load bearing capabilities, check out ECOR-HB today.

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