ECOR Global Launches Second New Product Line

ECOR Introduces Second New Product Line

ECOR-FLR: Engineered Hardwood Flooring Core – Now in Production.  Replaces Plywood, MDF and other substrates with a clean, fully recyclable new material.  A stable core is what makes Engineered Hardwood Flooring durable and easy to install.  ECOR-FLR has been extensively tested to meet the high level specifications required to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations, including Swell Test criteria critical for flooring performance.  Not only does it perform well, but our collaboration partners have done extensive reworking of their manufacturing process to seamlessly integrate ECOR-FLR into their production lines.

9mm ECOR-FLR has been rigorously tested and full incorporated into the flooring manufacturing processes. It performs so well, one of our flooring manufacturer collaborators called ECOR-FLR “the best material we have ever tested”. Swell Test specifications represent the highest standards for any material and meeting them is critical for flooring performance. ECOR-FLR’s success in meeting and exceeding these specifications makes it perfect for “Click-Lock” engineering with high-performance success.  

ECOR-FLR has also achieved the prestigious Indoor Advantage Gold Certification for Ultra-Low VOC emissions, which means no off-gassing for a healthier indoor environment. This represents a game changing opportunity for flooring manufacturers committed to using cleaner materials and products.

Made from Recycled Content and Fully Recyclable at end of life means ECOR-FLR is the Sustainable, Circular choice.  Leading flooring manufacturers have discovered the benefits of ECOR-FLR, and demand is increasing rapidly. In fact, each new flooring customer we have worked with has requested an exclusive contract.  With a global market for flooring substrates in excess of $100B, the market potential for ECOR-FLR is massive.

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