ECOR Global Products Awarded Prestigious Indoor Advantage Gold

ECOR Global Products Awarded Prestigious Indoor Advantage Gold Clean Air Certification

Indoor air quality has become a very important issue for owners and developers of properties, as well as their occupants.  Most traditional office furniture and fixtures contain massive amounts of urea formaldehyde that literally off-gas toxins for decades.  Including cleaner products to enhance indoor air quality has recently become one of the most important priorities in public health.

ECOR’s Technology process adds no urea formaldehyde, and ECOR products are now verified at the lowest levels of off-gassing.  With ECOR’s Indoor Advantage Gold Certification for classrooms and offices, we now have independent verification of these important benefits.  ECOR partnered with SCS Global Services, one of the leading third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing and testing labs. 

The Indoor Advantage Certification process starts with testing done through independent laboratory partners that are accredited to the highest quality standards available, including  ISO 17065 and ISO 17025.  In ECOR’s case, we submitted our ECOR-1 product to Berkeley Analytical for CDPH and VOC Concentration Compliance Test.

The test methodology used (CDPH V1.2) is the most widely used standard in North America for VOC testing and for evaluating VOC emissions from building products including flooring, suspended ceilings, insulation, wall panels, paints and coatings, and wall coverings.  This standard is referenced in USGBC LEED v4/4.1 and in many other green building rating systems and green construction codes.

Berkley Analytical’s test results confirmed that ECOR’s low level of off-gassing qualified for the highest level of certification. These results were then provided to SCS Global Services for independent third-party verification.  SCS Global’s program leverages thousands of material and furniture test results and a decade of experience in the industry to issue the Indoor Advantage Certification.

Most importantly, ECOR’s Certification qualifies as an EQ credit for low-emitting material under USGBC LEED, WELL Building, Living Building Challenge, CHPS, BREEAM, Green Globes, IgCC, ASHRAE 189.1, NAHB National Green Building Standard, Green Star, Estidama Pearl Rating System, and other green building rating systems and programs.

What is most exciting about this Certification process is that it will facilitate the discovery and use of ECOR products by architects, designers, builders, furniture and flooring manufacturers as a clean indoor air quality solution.  Including ECOR as a key addition to supply chains provides the most immediate and impactful sustainable “ingredient” on the market today.  ECOR has now reached commercial scale production, with development plans to massively expand production capacity currently underway. 

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