ECOR Hosts Hawaii Lt. Governor Dr. Josh Green

Local clean-tech investors met the current Lt. Governor and candidate for Governor, Dr. Josh Green. ECOR Global hosted the event in San Diego to introduce Dr. Green to important local San Diegans. With close ties to Hawaii it is important Southern California business leaders to know the candidate and get familiar with his platform. 

Lt. Gov. Dr. Josh Green, with ECOR Shareholder Will Griffith and ECOR CEO Jay Potter

While the Lt. Governor’s policy agenda is focused on reducing inflation, poverty, homelessness, and addiction, he explained how these issues are interconnected. 

To quote his campaign website:

“Addressing the high cost of living in Hawaii means not only raising wages, but making improvements in affordable housing, education, healthcare, energy, job creation, and overall economic growth.

“We will make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, provide community college and job training so people can develop valuable skills, and create new jobs in healthcare, IT, green energy, and sustainable tourism which will continue to increase demand for high-wage skilled workers”.

In his comments to the San Diego group, Dr. Green explained how achieving his policy objectives is directly tied to attracting new businesses and investment in local Hawaiian communities.  Josh intends to grow and expand youth mentoring and apprenticeship programs that will result in new high-quality jobs. He has committed to expanding local manufacturing opportunities, and has a Ten-Point plan to address climate change and the transition to clean energy including: 

-Investing new state and federal resources in a multi-billion dollar green economy and create thousands of new green jobs;

-Creating new incentives for the development and manufacture of next generation technologies to address the climate crisis.

ECOR Global supports and embraces these goals and we look forward to working with Dr. Green to help achieve them through the expansion of our technology platform into the US.

To learn more about Dr. Josh Green for Governor of Hawaii, click on the link below: