ECOR Launches New Tier Sheet Product Line

ECOR-TS: Tier Sheets – Now in Production –

Replacing plastic and paper-based shipping protection, ECOR-TS is a re-usable Tier Sheet that will hold up to 5 or more turns, providing excellent non-slip protection. Meeting or exceeding the specifications of all other Tier Sheet products, ECOR-TS provides a lower overall cost due to greater durability.  At the end of useful life, ECOR-TS is fully recyclable and can be returned to our production facility to be made into a new product providing a unique circular solution.

2mm thick – ECOR-TS is available in two pallet sizes: 40” x 48” and 44” x 56”.

Fully recyclable ECOR-TS is perfect for shipping protection for bottles or other inventory between layers of products on pallets.  The non-Slip coatings provide additional protection and durability to keep products secure. Only non-toxic water-based coatings are used to ensure recyclability. Multiple re-use turns and fully recyclable material unlocks sustainability and circularity. The bottling industry has discovered ECOR-TS and full adoption is just a matter of time.

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