The "E" in ESG Starts with ECOR

Incorporating ECOR into a supply chain provides an immediate boost to meeting ESG commitments. Major global brands have adopted ECOR in applications like packaging, retail environments and point of purchase displays to showcase sustainability in a very visible and high-profile way, without the immediate need to fundamentally change their products. For example, Royal Schiphol has showcased ECOR in one of the busiest lounge areas in the Amsterdam Airport via a display about how the ECOR used in construction of the airport terminal is made from grass surrounding the runways.
Many companies that have made progress on Social and Governance goals have struggled reaching their Environmental targets. ECOR can help as one of the most impactful additions to supply chains. ECOR not only avoids the use of wood, but is also non-toxic and fully recyclable. The CO2 value of the actual product is amplified by avoidance of GHG impacts on both the front end via the raw material inputs, and at the back end of product lifecycle as recycling, potentially on multiple times can occur over and over. “ECOR inside”, means a product is ESG Strong.