Abundant Local Raw materials create a reliable supply chain

Localized production means elimination of most transportation costs and risks. ECOR’s decade long expertise in fiber blending allows for the use of a variety of local feedstocks while ensuring consistent production to precise specifications. ECOR upcycles abundant and ubiquitous cellulose fibers that would otherwise be part of the waste stream. 

 The material ECOR will replace (HDF, MDF, & Plywood) is made from cutting virgin timber, which will continue to become more valuable, and always be impacted and susceptible to price swings in global commodities markets. Instead of relying on clear-cutting, massive energy intensive factories, and shipping to the far reaches of the world, ECOR production facilities are regionalized and “right-sized.” 

 ECOR sites will be located at the intersection of access to agricultural and urban waste byproducts, thermal energy and off-take customers. This minimizes not just transportation costs, but the potential disruptions in shipping in both raw materials and finished products. ECOR’s pricing by design is stable, consistent and competitive.