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When inputs and outputs are balanced, true sustainability can take hold. By focusing on the end of a product’s lifecycle, and building the recycling potential into the product’s design and manufacturing process, circularity begins to emerge. At ECOR we use the term “sustainability” in the true sense that it can go on forever, as ECOR panels can be recycled over and over. ECOR products are not just slightly less toxic than alternatives, or slightly less harmful to the planet. We have created an entirely new and novel material intended to completely disrupt and replace legacy products. As we have proven in many of our pilot programs, our ultimate sustainability goal is to incorporate a customer’s waste fibers into one of their own showcase products. This creates a true closed loop circular system that is self-perpetuating. As the global demand for wood products continues to increase, new solutions like ECOR, with lower impacts via circularity will become more and more attractive.