The Future Case – Sustainable Air Travel

Photo Copyright Royal Schiphol Group, Erik Borst

In their quest to continue to pioneer sustainability in air travel, Schiphol Amsterdam has just installed an educational display made with and featuring ECOR products. Titled “The Future Case”, the interactive display explains the airport’s long-term commitment to sustainable travel from the past to the future. By focusing on what is already underway, the display shows how the airport is working with ECOR to create new durable products out of the grasses surrounding the airport’s runways. The hundreds of acres of grass surrounding the runways must be cut and harvested to avoid attracting birds that could create an avigation hazard. Prior to collaborating with ECOR, the harvested grasses were either landfilled or incinerated. Creating a new life for hard to dispose of agricultural byproduct is at the heart of ECOR’s mission. Schiphol’s commitment to ECOR as a sustainable solution includes their specification that all subcontractors utilize ECOR in the construction of the new terminal. The flooring and trolleys in the display are two examples of ECOR in action.

The Future Case display, made from ECOR panels was designed by Tjep. & Studio Bertels, and executed by Kloosterboer Décor. It launches a sustainability awareness campaign showcasing ECOR that will be seen by literally millions of passengers.  The display is located in a very high-profile area of the airport, in Lounge 3 at the center of one of the two large main courtyards in with dining and shopping.  When travelers interact with the display, they will learn about the Circular Economy. A tangible example via the journey of the airport’s grass conversion into ECOR products used in the very terminal they are standing in, and the floor they are standing on.

All a passenger need do is look out the window at the acres of grass to understand the environmental impact – an immediate a visual connection to the story. Initial reports have been very positive of public engagement with the display, with lots of people taking time to read and interact with the touch screens. There is even a dedicated section of Schiphol’s website to visit at

Flooring made from ECOR-Ply 5MM painted green with QR Code link to

While the display presents an ambitious vision for the future, it also showcases the proactive steps Schiphol has already taken towards the future of sustainable air travel. The partnership with ECOR is a concrete example, not of future action, but of current practices in place. QR Codes on the display link directly to the ECOR Global website so that interested travelers have immediate access to ECOR’s story and products. As one of the busiest travel hubs in the world, Schiphol Amsterdam is the perfect, high-profile location to be introduced to the world.

This type of direct engagement is an innovative form of marketing and provides ECOR exposure to potential customers and partners we would likely never otherwise have access to. Industry leaders will surely take notice of Schiphol’s endorsement and collaboration with ECOR, and their commitment to real-world sustainable solutions.